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Armenian Street FestivalCreating a unique visual identity for a local cultural & heritage festival


The Armenian Street Festival is one of the largest cultural and social gatherings in Bucharest, dedicated to the vibrant Armenian community and history, thriving in the heart of Romania’s capital city. The Festival celebrates Armenian history and culture and invites curious citizens to discover and immerse themselves in an unforgettable experience.


Codemelt has been collaborating with the festival for two of the past 8 editions, creating a distinctive visual identity, through immersive design and branding. Initially a tightly-knit, communal gathering, hosted in the Armenian neighborhood, the Armenian Street Festival has expanded beyond its initial reach, reflecting its welcoming nature.

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Developing the creative identity of the Armenian Street Festival was a complex assignment, as it requires the blending of modern and ancient Armenian motifs with local Romanian elements, in order to create a multicultural experience.


To raise awareness about the festival, Codemelt’s creative team developed multiple visual aids, such as digital imagery and graphic mock-ups to be posted on social media channels, as well as physical posters and billboards, which were to be displayed on the street and in public transportation in Bucharest. In addition, when the festival changed its initial location from Bucharest’s vibrant Armenian Street to the city’s botanical garden, Codemelt adapted the theme to reflect an enchanted Armenian Forest.


The creative identity of the project contains distinctive elements of Armenian cultural heritage, such as the pomegranate fruit, ancient scrolls, or Armenian ornamental art, making it instantly recognizable by any member of the Armenian diaspora. The mix between old and modern intends to welcome people of all ages, highlighting the festival’s core values of diversity and inclusion.

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