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JRNY.CLUBGet access to an exclusive crypto community


JRNY Crypto is one of the leading figures within the web3 space and has created a NFT subscription-based community for his supporters. The JRNY Members Club provides early access to the latest news within the crypto space, whereas the JRNY Gallery gathers art enthusiasts, enabling the fusion between traditional and digital




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Codemelt was tasked with developing and designing pieces of the JRNY ecosystem, including the Members Club and Gallery. Building an ecosystem marked by diversity required our cross-functional teams to collaborate and create impactful landing pages from scratch for both the components, highlighting their functionalities.

/svg/challenge&approach.svg-image is the ultimate NFT guidebook, allowing you to enhance your knowledge about NFTs and enabling digital asset traders to make well-timed choices for optimal trades. AIUR has been developed for JRNY Crypto as part of his comprehensive web3 ecosystem.


While NFTs were one of the hottest trends in the crypto space, the market lacked a structured approach in trading these digital assets. The concept behind is to simplify trading experience by employing advanced analytics and data. To build the platform we used an increased level of technology complexity, resulting from the fusion of web3-specific technologies with data processing capabilities, all while ensuring usability through a strong UX/UI.


This assignment involved a close collaboration between our creatives and software experts. Initially, our creative team designed AIUR’s platform, placing an increased focus on UX/UI. Our dev team took over and created the platform, ensuring it closely followed the designed blueprint.

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They have helped us navigate the ever-changing Web3 landscape by adapting to and meeting our needs.

Jeffrey ChiangDirector of Operations, JRNY

Employing Advanced Gathering Analytics for precise NFT Trading

Building a strong cross-chain infrastructure for the ultimate web3 freelancing ecosystem



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