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HYVE is a leading web3 collaborative ecosystem, enabling the provision of services and digital items, with payment available in more than 200 cryptocurrencies, currently having nine blockchains.




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Our collaboration with HYVE has been ongoing for more than 3 years, as we delivered multiple platform iterations. We created an initial HYVE prototype, the V1, having an initial simplistic design, as we placed an increased focus on web3-related features including crypto payments, decentralized dispute resolution and escrowed blockchain payments, automating the release of funds upon completion of tasks and jobs. Our next iterations, the V2 and V2.5 platform upgrades, introduced more features aimed at increasing usability and improving freelancer engagement.

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HYVE created an interesting concept, which required real-life applicability through the creation of a freelancing ecosystem. Developing a collaborative-centric ecosystem that would fulfill the needs of freelancers, while introducing web3-specific features, implies a high degree of complexity. This involves a strong knowledge of blockchain, and combining it with a robust backend architecture and highly-usable frontend interfaces. By solving this challenge, regular freelancers without prior experience in web3 could enjoy the true benefits of decentralization.


Users can benefit from decentralized features such as escrowed payments, instant and secure withdrawals and unbiased dispute resolution. HYVE also provides staking for its users, allowing them to further maximize earnings, and web3-related features and modes of collaboration that would address the needs of digital professionals.


We created profile pages, where freelancers could provide some background about themselves and other portfolios, and later on, through a subsequent development update, a review system that would enable clients to drop feedback. By using Mercure Hub for real-time updates, we enabled live communication between freelancers and clients, through in-platform messages, and introduced automatic conversion rates for payments in cryptocurrencies in USD, everything adapted under a friendly & easy to use UI/UX design.


Employing Advanced Gathering Analytics for precise NFT Trading

Building a strong cross-chain infrastructure for the ultimate web3 freelancing ecosystem



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